About Us

Revival 2020

Hi! We are FlashPoint FlashPoint is a leading technical, creative production company with an international client list. 

Creative Event Production

Leading AV Production and Hire

Virtual Event Experts

Outstanding Virtual Events

We deliver outstanding virtual event experiences that connect attendees, speakers and brands. Our mission is to provide companies with best-in-class live stream production from concept to delivery.

We are experienced in all areas of virtual production and can assist with :

  1. Virtual platform selection
  2. Virtual platform buildout
  3. Development of live stream creative assets and branding
  4. Storyboarding and run-of-show development
  5.  Provision of technical experts and AV equipment
  6.  Overseeing speaker training and any pre-records
  7. Day-of-event delivery
  8. Any post event editing

Our Experience


Wedding at the Lanesborough